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Yoga Center in Ramamurthy nagar


Yoga is an ancient wisdom developed in India, which is essentially meant for the regulation and disciplining of the mind and harmonization of the mind, soul and body. The word “yoga” originated from the Sanskrit root word “yuj” meaning union, bind, join or attach. Yoga is to enjoin our “Jeevathma” – impure soul – with the “Paramathma” – the God. At SGHHCC, we implement all classical forms of yoga practices but mainly depend on the “Ashtanga Yoga” of Patanjali’s classical work “the Yoga Sutras” and Thirumular’s “Thirumandiram.” Patanjali defined yoga as “Disciplining of the mind.” Yoga is incorporated as a part of the Dynamic Scientific Approach (DSA) treatment due to its ability to discipline and regulate the mind. Through Dynamic Science (DS), we understand the role of mental thoughts in the regulation of the DNA expression through constructive or curative genetic and epigenetic changes by the naturally positive regulated and disciplined mind.


Meditation is the final stage of yoga practices when one makes final curative effort to win the extreme happiness or the blissful and pure state of the mind and vital force (soul), through the focussed, concentrated, purified and positively stabilised mental state. Maintenance of this pure state through continuous meditation, automatically results in curative transformation of the DNA, provided one identifies and rectifies the fundamental maintaining causes from the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical levels that results into the destructive derangement and expression of the DNA. When such curative rectifications happen, the old diseases manifestations automatically disappear and cure sets in. So yoga and meditation are important components of DSA disease / cancer prevention, treatment and rehabilitation methodology.

Our unique self purifying and universal healing yoga nidra and tailor made person specific meditative prayer-treatment form a very important part of our approach which aims at reformatting of the entire genetic makeup.

Please contact us immediately for joining and benefiting from our yoga and meditation services. We offer the purifying and healing yoga indra and meditative prayer services through online also.

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