Multiple Myeloma

Cancer that affects blood plasma cells, found inside the bones is known as multiple myeloma. Plasma cells are part of the blood circulatory system and human immune system which helps to fight infections and carry oxygen and carbon dioxide. In this type of cancer, the plasma cells grow abnormally and crowd along with the healthy red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. In course of time the bone cells spills the bone marrow and cancer spreads to nearby organs causing damage to nearby tissues and organs. This results in weakness of immune system leading to anaemia, kidney problems, bone problems, etc. Multiple myeloma does not show any symptoms in the early stages.

Generally Known Causes of Multiple Myeloma

The exact causes for the formation of multiple myeloma are not known. But it is believed that the mutations in genes are the cause for the formation of multiple myeloma. The risk factors which promote the occurrence of multiple myeloma are furnished below.

  • Age greater than 65
  • More common among Male population
  • More common among black population
  • Obesity
  • Monoclonal gammopathy of unknown significance (MGUS): People with MGUS (means those who are identified with too many large protein molecules known as immunoglobulins in the blood) shows a tendency to develop multiple myeloma. MGUS doesn’t cause any symptoms, and does not generally affect your health or need treatment.
  • Family history of multiple myeloma or MGUS
  • History of autoimmune diseases
  • People under corticosteroids or hormone replacement therapy

Dynamic Science (DS) Based Causes of Multiple Myeloma

It is generally known that there are mutations or epigenetic changes happen in the genes or DNA that leads to the development of Cancer. Dynamic Science, which explains how mind, vital force (soul) and DNA are interconnected, reveals that the regulation of the DNA expression is done by the nature of the mental and emotional thoughts that we allow to develop within us, though there are influences on DNA expression from the outside energy sources and also from the bio-chemical changes that happen in the physical body. Through our researches based on Dynamic Scientific Approach (DSA), we identified different mental and emotional thought processes that constructively and destructively influence the DNA expression. We identified that naturally positive, happy, comfortable, peaceful and pure mental emotional state constructively or curatively modify the DNA whereas negative, unnatural, pessimistic, fearful, destructive mental and emotional states derange the DNA to express itself to an unhealthy plane. Also each thought is connected to a functional system and/or organ of the body. In this connection we are in search for the important mental emotional state/thought that affects the bone marrow in the development of multiple myeloma. It is still an ongoing research and development activity and a new direction of scientific observation which will modify the future Medical Science and develop into a new methodology of treatment. Click here to know more about Dynamic Science (DS).

Signs and Symptoms of Multiple Myeloma

The multiple myeloma patients may not show any kind of signs and symptoms in the beginning stages of the disease. Usually the identification of the diseases takes place while undergoing blood or urine examination for some other purpose. The following are the most common signs and symptoms that appear to multiple myeloma patients:

  • Loss of vitality, fatigue, pallor and weakness with anaemia.
  • Bone pains on different parts of the body.
  • Low RBC counts, WBC counts and Platelet counts.
  • High serum calcium levels with kidney damages, constipation, osteoporosis, frequent urination, etc.
  • Mental confusion, drowsiness, stroke like symptoms, etc.
  • Hyper viscosity of the blood.

Diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma

Generally, multiple myeloma is detected when your blood is tested for some other purpose. When the signs and symptoms show the existence of multiple myeloma your physician may ask you to undergo the following tests to confirm the diagnosis.

  • Blood tests: Blood tests can reveal the micro proteins called monoclonal proteins produced by the cancer affected cells. It may also reveal the existence of beta-2-microglobulin which will give information about the aggressiveness of the myeloma. Other particulars like blood cell counts, calcium levels, level of uric acid, and the particulars about the functioning of the kidneys (creatinine and urea nitrogen), etc. will also help your physician to understand more about the myeloma.
  • Urine tests: Analysis of urine can reveal the existence of micro proteins like Bence Jones proteins.
  • Examination of bone marrow with cytogenetics study: Bone marrow may be aspirated using a long needle and given for biopsy and cytogenetics study. From these studies, details like chromosome abnormalities and the rate at which myeloma cells are dividing, etc. can be ascertained.
  • Imaging tests: Imaging tests like X-ray, MRI Scan, CT Scan or positron emission tomography, etc. may also be suggested by your physician depending upon the individual needs related to your case.

Dynamic Scientific Approach (DSA) Treatment for Multiple Myeloma

Our treatment for multiple myeloma is unique and based on a new natural holistic approach developed by our Chief Physician and world famous researcher and scholar Dr. Shaji Varghese Kudiyat. He has introduced a new generation science named Dynamic Science. In this science, he explains the relationship between the mind and the vital force (soul) and the physical body. The answer to the most often asked and never answered question, how cancer is developed is also answered through this science. The “why’s and how’s,” behind the mutation and/or epigenetic changes which are considered to be the reason for the formation of cancerous cells are also explained in DSA treatment. By scientifically guided judicial combination and application of Homeopathic Medicines, Surgery (if needed), Yoga, Meditation, Counseling, Music therapy, Dance therapy, etc., our Chief Physician has been able to device this new methodology for creating curative mutations and/or epigenetic changes for complete cure of cancer, if the cancer is within the reversible stage. Even in irreversible cases, this natural holistic methodology of treatment can produce a cure in the energy level though it may not be able to produce a complete reversal of the physical manifestations, but only can help into a peaceful death after maximum possible prolongation of life with less suffering from complications and side effects. This natural holistic methodology can be utilized to overcome the root causes that produce the malignant cells. This procedure emphasizes the need for complete mental and emotional harmony and inner peace as part of the successful implementation of Dynamic Scientific Approach (DSA) for the treatment of multiple myeloma. So as a pre-requisite we require the patient and his/her family members to undergo a group counseling session in our hospital directly or through online video consultation, as the initiation of the treatment procedure. Click here to know more about Dynamic Scientific Approach (DSA).

Homeopathic Treatment for Multiple Myeloma

Homeopathic system of medicine was invented by a German physician Dr. Samuel Hahnemann in 18th century. Homeopathic treatment is based on the body’s own capacity to heal itself. This is a holistic treatment procedure aims at purifying the vital force and thereby rectifying the mutational and/or epigenetic changes thereby restoring the healthy functioning of the body. Homeopathic medicine application is based on the basic principle “Similia Similibus Curentur” meaning “Let like be cured by like.” Homeopathic treatment for cancer in our hospital is under the direct guidance of Dr. Shaji Varghese Kudiyat, our chief physician and founder director who is a researcher and scholar in homeopathic medicine and who has written a book titled “Homeopathic Medicine, An Unavoidable Medical Revolution.” Dr. Kudiyat also scientifically explains the hitherto unanswered question ‘how homeopathic medicines work.’ All our patients get the unique opportunity to be treated by Dr. Kudiyat whose patient specific analysis of the situation and interpretations are unique and greatly beneficial to the patient and the entire family members. So it is a life time unique opportunity for all our patients to be treated directly by Dr. Kudiyat or under his guidance. Click here to know more about Dr. Shaji Varghese Kudiyat and click here to know more about homeopathic treatment.

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