Counseling is an interaction between two or more individuals, where an individual or a group of people in need of guidance for change and/or correction (counselee), seek the help and guidance from a knowledgeable person (counselor), whom the seekers of help (counselee) believe and trust. At SGHHCC, our Counseling Department is under the direct leadership of our Founder and Chief Physician, Dr. Shaji Varghese Kudiyat, our Chief Counselor, who is instrumental in introducing the new scientific hypotheses of Dynamic Science (DS). DS explains the role of the mind and the vital force (soul) in the regulation of the DNA resulting into the development and maintenance of the healthy and unhealthy conditions.

The role of the counsellor is to identify, communicate and help, guide and assist in the rectification of the unhealthy and unnatural concept and attitudes present in the counselee for his/her transformation for healthy existence. Here, the counselor should have the understanding and knowledge about the various unhealthy states, its signs and symptoms and its level of presence in the counselee and also an understanding of what is the healthy mind. In this regard, at SGHHCC our Chief Counselor defines “what is healthy mind,” which is highly beneficial pioneering effort in the history of Psychology and Counseling. Because the purpose of the counselling and duty of the counselor is to help and guide the counselee transform from his / her unhealthy and unnatural concept and attitudes to a healthy mind. This makes our counselling unique and more beneficial than counseling anywhere else in the world.

So contact our office immediately to experience and benefit from our expertise in the field of counselling. We also do online counselling.

Genetic Counseling

Genetic Counseling is a new branch of counselling introduced by our Founder and Chief Counselor Dr. Shaji Varghese Kudiayt after scientifically understanding how DNA regulation takes place. Through Dynamic Science (DS), we identify which mental thoughts or emotions are connected to which organs or systems of functioning of the body. As DS clearly explains the relationship between mind, vital force (soul) and DNA, we understand how DNA regulation happens and how genetic and epigenetic changes take place to alter genetic expressions. Through our genetic counselling, one can rectify, silence or modify the hereditary tendencies of different disease conditions transferred from the fore-parent’s level. We vastly use this in our DSA treatment for cancer and all types of difficult chronic diseases.

Please contact us immediately for experiencing and benefitting from our unique genetic counselling session, which you will not find anywhere else. We do online counselling too.

Therapeutic Counseling

Therapeutic counselling is almost synonymous with counselling. As we understand the role of mind in the regulation of DNA and the genetic makeup of an individual, maintaining the right healthy and universally acceptable concept and attitudes within an individual is highly necessary for the healthy existence of the individual and also the healthy maintenance of the family, society and the world at large. Our therapeutic counselling is intended to impart the same.

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Family Counseling

Pre & Post Marriage Guidance Courses, Seminars and Counseling

Family is the basic unit of healthy, civilised and orderly existence of humanity. Most of the diseases suffered by human beings originate from the unhealthy environment and negative energy levels exist in the family among the family members. Transforming families into a place of happiness, comfort, care, love and affection with sense of security is the highest need of the present times where the breaking of the families, disorderly existence of the families, etc. are very common. We conduct both pre marital and post marital counselling. When the former equips oneself to enter family-life and understand the duties and undertake responsibilities, post marital counselling makes married life a smooth transit by helping one overcome the conflicts and contradictions which stem up from married life. Our Chief Counselor cherishes a vision and dedication to develop a family oriented world which is a great advantage for those who seek family counselling from us.

Our guidance counselling is scientifically based and suitable for all classes of people. Attending such guidance and coaching sessions will be of great advantage before getting into family life as family life is a higher responsibility where most of the people just enter without any preparation and understanding of great purposes and responsibilities associated with it.

Please contact us immediately for the counseling and guidance needs of you, your loved ones or inform about us to those who need such help. We also do online services.

Sports Counseling

Dynamic Science (DS) is the sports science. DS was developed and introduced by our Chief Physician and Counselor Dr. Shaji Varghese Kudiyat. DS explains how mind, vital force (soul) and body functions are interconnected. So we understand how the human body system scientifically works holistically than anybody else in the world. This understanding is the greatest advantage you receive when you seek our help for the sports counselling. We utilise this new generation scientific ideas in developing our natural ergogenic aids to maximise your body’s sports potential. Our Chief Counselor is highly experienced in this field and is instrumental in the transformation many teams and sports personalities.

Please contact us immediately to begin your journey to become the world leader in your field of sports by maximising your potentials and we are just here to assist and help you to achieve your dream come true. We also do online counseling.

Students Counseling

Students build the future of the world. In course of their eventful student-life, students encounter several problems which tell upon their performance and affect their achievements. The reasons could be manifold, physical, philosophical, psychological or socio-economical. SGHHCC grounds itself on the Dynamic Scientific Approach (DSA) which explains how the mind regulates the DNA with finality. Our counselling techniques motivate the students to aspire for the best in the most earnest level possible which, in turn results in soaring their performance levels and over all nourish a positive outlook towards life. Counselling students the right way, our founder, Dr. Shaji Kudiyat believes, helps in the development of healthy personality and is the cornerstone for a nation’s progress and peaceful coexistence of humanity.

Please contact our office immediately to benefit from our expertise in students counselling either directly or through on-line services.

Corporate Counseling

This is actually an employer-employee counseling. It helps the employer to do business with a healthy mind, where the employees will feel at home and comfortable to dedicate themselves to give the maximum in their work. It inspires employees to dedicate their mind, body and soul while working with any employer, who is having the employees for the benefit of the employer, society at large and the world as a whole. It will be of great beneficial to the employer, employee, society and humanity in general whoever, whatever and wherever you are. This counselling instils a healthy mind setup with all parties concerned.

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