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St.George Holistic Health Care Center is looking for Trainees in Latest Natural CANCER Treatment Methodology – DSA from Doctors, Yoga Therapists, Councilors and Clinical Psychologists. Limited Seats Only !


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Who should Attend This Training:

  • Looking for Trainees in cancer Treatment from Doctors Using the latest DSA Methodology (Qualifications:  [M D (All systems of Medicine) / M.B.B.S. / B.A.M.S. / B. U. M. S / B.H.M.S. Graduates]
  • Looking for Trainees in Cancer Yoga Therapy using DSA methodology [Qualifications:  Ph D, / M.Sc,/ B.Sc. in Yoga or Yoga Therapy]
  • Looking for Trainees in Cancer Genetic Counseling through DSA methodology [Qualifications: Ph D / M. Sc. / P.G. Diploma in Counseling or Clinical Psychology]


Duration: 3 Months

Fees: Rs. 10,000.00 for Indian Citizens; US$ 500.00 for Foreign Nationals

Venue: St. George Holistic Health Care Center, Bangalore


Learn How Cancer can be Naturally Removed from the DNA

Mostly Applied in Cancer prevention, Treatment & Rehabilitation

DSA is defined as the Dynamic Scientific Approach to prevent, treat and rehabilitate cancer and chronic diseases that include all types of auto-immune, non-communicable diseases and lifestyle disorders. DSA states cancer cure as “Healing from within”. This scientific approach directly intimates that cancer causes out of negative thoughts / feels that stir the mind. DSA has a valid explanation on how genetic mutation and/or epigenetic changes happens in living organisms.

This new holistic method of cancer or disease management methodology is based on the inter link of mind, vital force (soul) and the body and its relationship with the entire universe. The causes are filtered from mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and universal, including planetary influences and detailed to the patients and their family members for the realization and rectification purposes which are followed by other stages of DSA.

Understanding the Causes of Cancer

Allopathic medication and modern sciences were not able to prove the exact origin / causes of cancer. Without the proper identification of the diseases root cause, providing treatment is the waste of time, money and energy that even increase the mental stress in multi folds. DSA methodology may be the only treatment which explains how cancer develops and helps in identifying and rectifying the root causes that produce the cancer and chronic diseases.

Advantages of DSA Methodology

No serious side effects, No chemotherapy and radiation therapy, no hair fall, no destruction or decrease in immunity, less chance for relapses. DSA is a natural treatment which is tested for more than two decades with proven successful results, less cost with happy and safe life after recovery.

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How DSA Methodology Differs from Other Cancer Treatments

There is no fundamental understanding and explanation of how cancer develops and its cause in allopathic treatment and the patients die from heart attack due to the fear, panic and the side-effects of the cancer treatment. Not only to the patients but also the entire family is being threatened by the word “CANCER”. DSA treatment explains scientifically how cancer develops and gives the best natural choice of cancer treatment that is well explained, focused, simple and easy.

Allopathy treatments use heavy drugs, chemo and radiation therapy which kill even good cells, loses hair whereas DSA adopts only natural medicines and methods like yoga, meditation, counseling, etc.,

Allopathy treatment (Chemotherapy) decreases immunity whereas DSA improves it. Spreading of cancer is deterred in DSA whereas there is lot of possibilities for metastasis in modern medicine treatments.

Though allopathy gives fast results, the chances of relapse are more and DSA provides steady, safe and clear results & the cancer relapse is meager.

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How Doctors are benefitted from DSA Training

The base treatment of DSA is a combination of natural medicines - especially homeopathy, yoga, meditation, counseling, etc. But the understanding of how cancer develops and the identification and rectification of the root causes that produce the problem is needed for a complete cancer treatment, where DSA training become beneficial for Doctors of all Systems Medicine. After the training they can apply their respective system of medicine along with complete understanding of cancer development. Those who completed Homeopathy / Ayurvedic / Siddha / Allopathy system of medicine for more than five years with internship or MD / MS have great opportunities to get better practice by working in DSA treatment methodology for complete cancer treatment, innovation and knowledge acquirement.

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How Yoga Therapists are benefitted from DSA Training

The main part of DSA treatment is the MIND management. Yoga and meditation are proven traditional natural methods for mind fixation at the natural, healthy and positive side. So yoga and Meditation are integral part of DSA methodology of treatment. Those who graduated in B.Sc / P.G. Diploma / M.Sc / Ph.D in yoga therapy have the huge opening to attend the training in DSA and working opportunities

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How Counselors / Clinical Psychologists are benefitted from DSA Training

DSA Treatment explain how mind, vital force (soul) and DNA are interconnected and how cancer develops. This is a great discovery, were we understand that the DNA is regulated with finality by our mental thoughts. DSA methodology also identified specific thoughts and emotions connected to each organs and systems of body where cancer or diseases develop. So complete cure become only possible by identifying and rectifying the specific thoughts or emotions and thus counseling become an integral part of the DSA treatment. We call it Genetic Counseling since this counseling can rectify or modify or nullify the abnormal DNA mutation or epigenetic change or predisposition or expression. Students who have done Ph D / M. Sc. / P.G. Diploma in Counseling or Clinical Psychology are eligible to undergo the training for acquiring knowledge about Dynamic Scientific Approach.

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