Dynamic Scientific Approach (DSA)

The Dynamic Scientific approach (dsa) for the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of Cancer & All chronic diseases. (All kinds of non-communicable diseases, auto-immune diseases, life-style disorders, etc.)

DSA – Getting at the ‘can’ in Cancer

Dynamic Science proposes an all new approach to cancer – prevention, treatment and rehabilitation – HEALING FROM WITHIN. Based on the premise that cancer is caused due to negative emotions which stir your mind, this new science explains the root cause of cancer which in itself is the best curative step. Once the patient is aware of how the disease develops, he or she can initiate the curing process from within. DSA provides a valid explanation on how genetic mutations or epigenetic changes happen in a living organism. This forms the cornerstone of DSA – an all new, natural approach entirely devoid of side-effects.

DSA is the new holistic disease or cancer management methodology based on the interrelationship of the mind, vital force (soul) and DNA representing the physical body and its relationship with the environment and the entire Universe. Here, the causes of the disease are searched from the mental, emotional, spiritual (vital force / soul), physical, environmental and Universal influences including the planetary influences and are analyzed and explained to the patient and family and associates for the purpose of their realization and rectification. It is followed by other procedures of DSA.

Understanding the Causes of Cancer – Well-begun, half- done
Modern medicine / allopathic medicine have never been able to provide a clear view on the origin of Cancer. Without identifying and rectifying the root causes of the disease, any method of cure, no matter however high-end it might turn out to be, would only advance half-way!
Mind – one has to mind it.
Leapfrogging into conclusions without understanding the mental-state of the patient, his or her who-froms and history would only result in superficial cure.


The DSA Edge over others.

Advantages of Dynamic Scientific Approach (DSA)

  • No need to take the heat. Stay away from the after-effects of Chemotherapy.
  • Ours is all Natural Treatment. DSA doesn’t employ any Artificial and intense procedures like Chemotherapy or Radiation Therapy
  • No Side- effects
  • With us there is just a happy life ahead.
  • No Hair- fall
  • Over 20 years-tested, perfected and proven
  • Enhances immunity of the body
  • Cut the bill-comparatively, costs less
  • Less chance to recur
  • Cancer-treatment-Life after recovery


 Difference between Allopathic and DSA Treatment for Cancer

1. Allopathic Treatment: No understanding / explanation of how cancer develops. So patient and family become panicked and frightened; so even though the tumour gets removed, or destroyed, the disease persists and cancer recurs. The trauma and mental shock experienced by the patient and his or her family can even lead to death from heart attack.
DSA Treatment: Scientifically explains how cancer develops. This understanding makes the cancer patient and family more relaxed and the treatment is more focused, simple, complete and easy.

2. Allopathic Treatment: Uses destructive chemotherapy and radiation
DSA Treatment: Uses holistic, constructive homeopathic and natural medicines and methods like yoga, meditation, counselling, etc. Judicially employs surgery, whenever indicated. No chemotherapy and radiation.

3. Allopathic Treatment: Falling of hair and discoloration of skin. Heavy side effects
DSA Treatment: No hair fall and no side effects.

4. Allopathic Treatment: More chance for recurrence of cancer.
DSA Treatment: Less Chance for Recurrence of Cancer.

5. Allopathic Treatment: Destroys / decreases the Immunity of the body.
DSA Treatment: Constructs and increases the immunity of the body,

6. Allopathic Treatment: Easy spread of cancer throughout the body.
DSA Treatment: Maximum prevention for the spread of the cancer in the body.

7. Allopathic Treatment: Develops secondary infections.
DSA Treatment: Prevents secondary infections.

8. Allopathic Treatment: Costs more.
DSA Treatment: Costs less.

9. Allopathic Treatment: Though fast in seeing results, these results are only short lasting / temporary and even deceiving.
DSA Treatment: Though slow in seeing results, these results will be lasting and permanent.

Components of DSA

The important components of DSA include Homeopathy, Yoga, Meditation, Counseling, Music Therapy, Prayers, etc. Since DSA is based on Dynamic Science (DS), which scientifically completes the present material science by explaining the interactions between mind, vital force and DNA, we incorporate medicines, methods and techniques that influence these three levels and their interaction with the living environment and the Universe. So we use:

1.      Natural holistic medicines, especially Homeopathic medicines which are the only dynamic or energy or spiritual medicines available in the medical world that can influence the vital force (soul) curatively;

2.      Techniques and methods like Yoga and Meditation which are developed in the most ancient cultures, the purpose of which is to transform the unhealthy, unstable, unnatural, impure, unhappy and uncomfortable mind setup to a healthy, stable, natural, pure, happy and comfortable state and fix at that level.

3.      Counseling – to analyse the unhealthy and unnatural concepts, attitudes and behaviors maintained and practiced by the patient and the family and to help them become aware about the same. Only then, the inner transformation, purification and stabilization can be achieved constructively, positively and curatively for the inner self, because the realization of the truth alone can set us free.

We also incorporate techniques like music therapy, painting therapy, dance therapy, prayers (according to the patients’ choice of spiritual customs and beliefs), etc.                                                                    


Procedures of DSA

1. Education about the New Approach and its Philosophy to the patient, patient’s family and associates through a seminar or study class or group counseling with question and answer section;
2. Signing of the “Informed Consent” if patient and family are interested to participate in the treatment and other natural research and development activities and projects;
3. Case taking with patient, with the support of the family members and relatives of the patient in the order of
A. Presenting Complaints: with duration, sensations, locations, modalities and concomitants;
B. History of Presenting Complaints: with identification of all possible causes of disease or cancer development from mental, emotional, spiritual, environmental and astrological (Planetary influence on vital force) possibilities;
C. Past History of Ailments:
D. Past Treatment History:
E. Family History:
F. Mental and Emotional General Makeup and Peculiarities with all desires, aversions, cravings, dreams, etc.:
G. Physical General Makeup and Uniqueness including different levels of Manifestation of the Disease condition among different regions, systems of function, body parts or organs – from Head to Foot:
4. Necessary Laboratory examinations. Sample collection for Pre-treatment clinical assessment and investigations including sample for DNA sequencing / genome study;
5. Prescription of medicines;
6. Advice for natural and healthy food intake;
7. Counseling;
8. Application of special yoga and meditation techniques;
9. Music therapy;
10. Follow up consultations for regular assessments, medication, etc.
11. Intermediate Lab. Examinations and other assessments including DNA sequencing / genome studies, etc.
12. Final assessment with all necessary Lab. Examinations and assessments including the DNA sequencing / genome studies and termination of the treatment upon clinical stabilization of the condition with different assessments and analyses showing the same and also upon the complete satisfaction and regaining of the confidence of the patient and family members.

Cancer-treatment-Life after recovery
DSA focuses on putting straight the patient’s life-style through counseling, yoga, meditation and other measures to bring the patient’s life back to normal.


Training in DSA

We provide training in DSA treatment to medical and health professionals, nurses, counsellors, yoga practitioners, health care workers, etc. Please contact us for details of fees and duration of the course. Certificates will be issued upon completion of the training. We absorb our staff from the trainees who undergo training with us. After successfully completing the training, they can practice DSA in their own areas of specialization in helping humanity.

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