Larynx Cancer

Cancer that develops in the larynx is known as larynx cancer. Larynx is an organ that plays a very vital role in breathing and communication. Vocal cords which produce sound are situated inside the larynx. Larynx can be considered as composed of three parts, which are commonly referred as glottis, supraglottis and subglottis. Glottis is the part which contains vocal cords. Supraglottis is the area located above the glottis and subglottis is the area located below the glottis. Cancers can develop on all these parts and they show different symptoms.

Generally Known Causes of Larynx Cancer

The reason for the formation of larynx cancer is not known to the present medical science. Cancerous tumor starts forming when one abnormal cell starts growing and multiplying at a very faster rate due to some changes that takes place due to the mutations and/or epigenetic changes of the genetic makeup. There are ostensible factors known as risk factors that increase the probability of laryngeal cancer are discussed below.

  • Age: Larynx cancer is generally found in people who are above 60 years and the risk increases as the age increases.
  • Smoking: The smoke that passes through the larynx can lead to larynx cancer
  • Alcohol: Drinking alcohol, especially spirits has been found to increase the probability of larynx cancer.
  • Poor diet: Diet lacking in certain vitamins and minerals can lead to larynx cancer.
  • Human papilloma virus: Studies show that HPV is associated with larynx cancer.

Dynamic Science (DS) Based Causes of Larynx Cancer

Present science (material science) identifies that there are mutations or epigenetic changes happen in the genetic level that leads to the development of Cancer. Dynamic Science, which explains how mind, vital force (soul) and DNA are interconnected, reveals that our mind regulates the DNA with finality, though there are influences on DNA from the outside energy sources and also from the bio-chemical changes that happen in the physical body. But all DNA changes are ultimately under regulatory control of the mental thoughts. Through our researches based on DSA, we identify different mental and emotional thought processes that constructively and destructively influence the DNA structure. We identify that naturally positive, happy, comfortable, peaceful and pure mental emotional state constructively or curatively modify the DNA whereas negative, unnatural, pessimistic, fearful, destructive mental and emotional states derange the DNA to express itself to an unhealthy plane. Also each thought is connected to a functional system and/or organ of the body. In this connection we are in search for the particular mental and emotional thoughts and other energy and physical level causes that can help in the development of Larynx cancer. It is still an ongoing research and development activity and a new direction of scientific observation which can make the development of future Medical Science and a new methodology of treatment. Please click here to know more about Dynamic Science.

Signs and Symptoms of Larynx Cancer

The usual signs and symptoms of the larynx cancer are the following. One may not show all these manifestations at the same time.

  • Hoarse voice
  • Lump in the throat
  • Swelling in nearby lymph nodes and glands if cancer has spread to lymph nodes
  • Continuous cough
  • Offensive breath
  • Earache
  • Difficult breathing
  • Dysphagia or difficulty in swallowing
  • Sound while breathing
  • Weakness of the body

Diagnosis of Larynx Cancer

The doctor will examine the throat using a thin-lighted instrument which can be inserted through the nose (nosendoscope). Before the examination with a nosendoscope some local anesthesia will be spread inside the nose to make the procedure painless. If the doctor suspects the existence of tumor, a biopsy may be suggested by him. During biopsy the suspected tumor inside the larynx is removed from the larynx and is examined under a microscope to confirm the existence of cancerous cells in the sample. Other examinations like CT scan, MRI scan, PET scan, etc. also can be performed to see the accurate size, position, shape and extent of spread of the cancer.

Dynamic Scientific Approach (DSA) Treatment for Larynx Cancer

We, at St George Holistic Health Care Center and St. George Cancer Care and Research Center, follow the natural holistic treatment procedures called Dynamic Scientific Approach (DSA) propounded by our founder director and chief physician Dr Shaji Varghese Kudiyat. In this approach, Dr. Kudiyat explains how the mind, vital force (soul) and DNA that regulates the physical functioning are interconnected and how that interrelationship results in the development of diseases and also how the same relationship is brought back to the healthy, natural and pure state reinstating and restoring the healthy condition. Dr. Kudiyat ponders over the dilemma of genetic mutations and epigenetic changes in genes and DNA expressions and explains how the sequential order of the nucleotides in the DNA is regulated. So he incorporated Homeopathy – the medicine which is capable of directly influencing the vital force which can brought back the lost purity of the vital force; yoga, meditation, prayer, music therapy, etc. which can relax, transform and fix the mind at the peaceful, harmonious, peaceful, comfortable and naturally pure state and counseling which can help to identify the abnormal, unhealthy, unnatural mind setup and help the patient and family realize it for rectifying it. There will be judicious use of surgery, whenever needed. Dynamic science is a landmark achievement and it transforms scientific world and humanity from a materialistic philosophical perspective to dynamic and spiritual philosophical prospective. Our treatment begins with a group counseling session, either directly at our center or through online video consultation, in which the patient and all the family members of the patient have to take part. The knowledge imparted through this counseling empowers them with the knowledge of dynamic science and the DSA process of healing of cancer and the essence of the treatment procedure followed in our center. This group counseling imparts knowledge, courage, confidence and strength to the patient and his/her family members. They whole-heartedly follow the guidelines and treatment procedures suggested by the physician so that the decease is uprooted and health is restored. The success stories of the patients who have outlived cancer give them courage and calmness and helps them to come out in flying colors. To know more about DSA treatment, click here.

Homeopathic Treatment for Larynx Cancer

A German physician named Dr. Samuel Hahnemann introduced homeopathic medical system during the eighteenth century. This holistic system of medicine aims at curing diseases by using the human body’s inborn capacity to heal itself based on the homeopathic medicines basic principle ‘Similia Similibus Curentur’ meaning ‘let like be cured by the like.’ Homeopathic treatment was widely spread and accepted during eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Our founder director and chief physician Dr. Shaji Varghese Kudiyat is a world renowned homeopathic practitioner, scientist and researcher who has written a book named ‘Homeopathic Medicine, An Unavoidable Medical Revolution.’ Dr. Kudiyat also explain scientifically, hitherto unanswered billion dollar question, how homeopathic medicines work, through the hypotheses of Dynamic Science. The homeopathic treatment in our hospital is under the direct control and guidance of Dr. Shaji Kudiyat and has been very successful in saving the life of patients, including that of so many cancer patients. All our patients get the unique opportunity to be treated by Dr. Kudiyat whose patient specific analysis of the situation and interpretations are unique and greatly beneficial to the patient and the entire family members. Click here to know more about Dr. Shaji Varghese Kudiyat and click here to know more about homeopathic treatment.

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