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Dr.Shaji V. Kudiyat

Dr.Shaji V. Kudiyat

Our founder, Dr. Shaji Varghese Kudiyat has been the herald of a new paradigm of Science –Dynamic Science. By introducing the findings of his historic research in this new discipline to areas like prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of diseases, particularly cancer, he has been able to develop a system where life-threatening diseases get eliminated at the root level. An author and a columnist dealing with some of the niche-topics in science and medicine, Dr. Shaji Kudiyat is determined to turn the advantages of this new approach to the common man’s benefit. In parallel, he is also engaged in several philanthropic and community-awareness activities.

A Man of Many ‘Firsts’

  • The first to introduce Dynamic Science-the science of the new generation to the world.
  • The first to introduce Homeopathy in the Philippines and is known as the ‘father of homeopathy’ in the Philippines.
  • The first to formulate DSA treatment (Dynamic Scientific Approach) for prevention,treatment and rehabilitation of diseases, especially cancer.
  • The first to introduce Dynamic Science as Sports Science.
  • The first to introduce DSA as a natural ergogenic aid in Sports.
  • The first to introduce genetic counselling which helps in overcoming hereditary problems and in preventing the manifestations of unhealthy hereditary pre-disposition.
  • The first to scientifically prove the effectiveness of homeopathic medicine in increasing the serum platelet count in dengue hemorrhagic patients.
  • The first to define what is a ‘healthy mind’ through Dynamic Science which is a revelation in psychology and counselling.
  • The first to engage in scientifically-guided life-coaching helping individuals, families and society accomplish their healthy existence, cure of diseases and goals in life
  • The first to explain how homeopathy works as an energy medicine and what is acting curatively in homeopathic medicine through Dynamic Science.


B. Sc. (Bachelor of Science), Chemistry as Major And Physics and Mathematics as Subsidiaries. Three Years Course after P. D. C. Graduated from Mar Athanacious College,Kothamangalam affiliated to University of Kerala, India.

B. H. M. S. (Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery). Five and A Half Years Course including One-Year Internship. Graduated from Government Homeopathic Medical College,Thiruvananthapuram, affiliated to University Of Kerala, India.

M. D. (HOM.) in Organon of Medicine and Homeopathic Philosophy. Graduated from Vinayaka Mission’s Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital, Salem, Tamilnadu, affiliated to Vinayaka Mision’s University, Selem, Tamilnadu, India

Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga (PGDY) from Annamalai University, Annaimalai Nagar,Tamilnadu, India.

Post Graduate Certificate in Counseling (PGCC) from Department of Education,Government of Kerala through St.Teresa’s College, Ernakulam, Kerala, India.

A Man of Letters




“THE BARANGAY” – weekly newspaper in the Philippines from 1995 to 1997

Milestones in Scientific Research

Introducing and disseminating a new science to the world. Being the science of the 3rd millennium, Dynamic Science is a complete science which accounts for several hitherto unexplained phenomena like:

  • Development of cancer;
  • How mutation and epigenetic change takes place;
  • What is curative in homeopathic medicine;
  • How homeopathic medicines work;
  • How spiritual healing happens;
  • How body, mind, vital force (soul) interaction happens;
  • The new definition of matter;
  • What this universe is made of;
  • The hypotheses on Growth, Death and Long – life.

Applied Dynamic Science to develop new hypotheses on cancer/disease development and cure. A logical explanation of how the disease develops is a must for its prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.

Also applied Dynamic Science as the Sports Science and using it as an Ergogenic Aid to maximise the performance potential of Sports Persons.

Presented a landmark scientific paper at the prestigious 12th conference of the Asian Homeopathic Medical League, at Brisbane, Australia in October 2001 about the “EFFECTIVENESS OF HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINE IN INCREASING SERUM PLATELET COUNT.” This proved to be a laudable achievement in scientific research related to the treatment and cure of “DENGUE or HEMORRHAGIC FEVER” where the serum platelet count decreases as the disease complicates resulting in internal bleeding and death of the patient. Conventional or Allopathic Medicine does not have any effective treatment for this problem and typically the treatment includes blood or serum platelet transfusion. This scientific research, for the first time in the history of medicine, proved the effectiveness of Homeopathic Medicine in increasing serum platelet count without blood transfusion.

More than 20 years of experience in the field of Scientific Research, Diagnosis and Homeopathic Treatment.

Currently engaged in clinical researches in India as the Chief Physician and Researcher of St. George Holistic Health Care Center and its sister concern St. George Cancer Care and Research Center, both internationally functioning institutions and in Philippines as Chief

Current Positions:

  • Chief Physician and Researcher, St. George Holistic Health Care Center and its sister concern, St. George Cancer Care and Research Center, India.
  • Founder, Universal Humanity Movement (UHM)
  • Vice President, International Forum for Promoting Homeopathy - IFPH
  • Chief International Coordinator, Global Coalition for Promotion, Education and Research in Homeopathic Medicine.
  • Vice – President (in charge of Philippines), Asian Homeopathic Medical League (AHML).
  • President and Chief Researcher, St. George Homeopathic Research and Development Center, Inc., Philippines.
  • President, Philippine Homeopathic Foundation, Inc., Philippines.
  • Member, Faculty of Homeopathy, Malaysia
  • Life – Member, Indian Homeopathic Medical Association (IHMA).
  • Life – Member, Institute of Homeopathy, Kerala, India


  • Played a major role in introducing and popularizing Homeopathic Medicine as a Health Care Modality in the Philippines. Considered as the “Father of Homeopathy” in the Philippines.
  • Winner of many elocution and debate competitions at various levels.
  • Served as the President of HOMEOPATHIC STUDENTS MOVEMENT (HSM) – a student organization for the propagation of Homeopathy and organized many seminars, lectures, Homeopathic medical camps, etc. in Kerala, India.
  • Motivational speaker.
  • Genetic Counselor
  • Sports Counselor.
  • Family Counselor.
  • Working for scientific and social transformation of the scientific world and humanity, from a materialistic philosophical perspective to a dynamic philosophical perspective and for the establishment of a civilized, orderly, peaceful, stable, secured, healthy, value based, morally right and unified family, society and world, through books, write ups, pubic speeches, lectures, seminars, etc.
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