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Homeopathy is the predominantly popular alternative holistic system of medicine, invented by a German Physician Dr. Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann more that 200 years ago. The most important advantage of homeopathy is that it has no known side-effects as the extremely diluted nature of the remedies nullifies risk. This is due to the absence of any material content in it due to the commonly used potentised form of preparation. The hypotheses of Dynamic Science (DS) explain many unanswered questions connected to homeopathy like “what is curative in homeopathic medicine, how homeopathic medicine works, etc.”Homeopathy is making itself relevant as an alternate form of treatment with more research and studies done on it.

Homeopathy Cancer Treatment Center philippines


DSA Methodology of Cancer Treatment Using Homeopathic Medicine: is a harmless, natural, holistic and side-effect free cancer treatment available in the world today. DSA methodology of cancer or disease prevention, treatment and rehabilitation is our own speciality. The approach is to clearly identify rectify the root causes that produce cancer. Only if you can understand how cancer develops, then only you can design the treatment to reverse the process. The process followed enables a complete recovery thus preventing the recurrence or the further development of cancer. In this regard, DSA methodology of treatment is trustworthy and could also go hand in hand with other forms of treatment for cancer.

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Homeopathy – The Only Energy Medicine in the Medical World: Now we can undoubtedly say that homeopathy is the medicine of the 3rd millennium. Potentization or drug dynamization is the unique form of homeopathic medicine preparation which liberates the compressed energy units in the medicinal substance from where we initiate the medicine preparation. Such liberated energy units present in the homeopathic medicine helps it directly influence the vital force through resonation to rectify its lost purity or frequency. But the resonation happens only when the medicines are selected based on the basic principle of homeopathy – “Similia Similibus Curentur” meaning “let like be treated by likes.” Here the treatment focuses on the likes that cause the disease and medicines provided are personalized depending on the illness as well as the physical and mental condition of the patient.


What are your queries about homeopathic cancer treatment?

Instead of jumping into conclusions about the disease, we look into the patient as a whole

Enough and odd, a system of medicine like Homeopathy was developed when other approaches prevalent failed to understand diseases satisfactorily. The biggest eye-opener is the basic premise of homeopathy on the capacity of ‘self-healing.’

Today a cancer patient is bogged down by opinions from all corners, in a way blindfolding the patient. With the homeopathy – led curative practices followed here, a cancer patient can cope with the trauma, the shocks and overcome the complications related to recovery. With our cancer treatment, fear is the only thing one should fear.

homeopathy cancer treatment in philippines


Why Homeopathy is better than other systems of medicine?

Existing approaches focus only on wiping out the visible traits or symptoms by aggressive medication or intense surgical procedures. All other systems of medicine, including alternative ones affect the body whereas Homeopathy alone holds capacity to influence the vital force curatively.

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