“This tablet will cure cancer for sure”
“No, this herb is better”.
“No, drink this potion”.
“Finally the oil that cures cancer has arrived!”
“No need, have a lot of apples since they have anti -oxidants.”
“No, just breathe fresh air.”
“Cancer? Don’t ever think about it”.
“Wait a while we are almost there”,
“Till then, swallow this tablet”.

Let’s face it. Cancer-research has several years behind it. But how far have those been able to provide a life-ahead?

A tablet, a root, a potion, a panacea or even a miracle-all these alone can’t cure cancer. A cancer patient needs to break free from the cabin of fear and understand how the disease eats into his or her body from the mind. What he or she needs is not a medicine, but an approach. Dynamic Science debunks the existing myths, hypes and tall claims related to cancer cure.

This new science founded by Dr. Shaji Varghese Kudiyat provides a new ground to explain everything, right from how a fever develops to how different types of Cancers grow within your body. The result? A complete, perfect system of cure which redeems everything-your body, mind and vital force (soul).

Trust us, when it comes to cancer:- it is you – the disease and you – the cure!
St. George Holistic Health Care Center, SGHHCC – Complete Science for complete cancer-cure.

Based out of Bangalore in India, SGHHCC harnesses the insights and approach of Dynamic Science for effective cancer – prevention, treatment and rehabilitation. Shattering the prevalent reductionist attitudes, SGHHCC proposes a valid alternative to intercept the disease right in its reversible stages.

A dynamic world through Dynamic Science (DS)

SGHHCC’s commitment to the world doesn’t restrict itself to cancer-treatment alone. SGHHCC attempts to create a venue for establishing this new science and make sure that the benefits reach the lowest common denominator in the society. This is exactly where your involvement and participation adds immense value to the realization of our cause!


Our vision is to transform humanity and the scientific world from a materialistic philosophical perspective to a dynamic philosophical perspective drawing upon the new science – Dynamic Science founded by Dr. Shaji Varghese Kudiyat.

We are avowed to transform hospitals into temples of healing where inner-healing is given equal prominence along with material and/or dynamic medicines, yoga, meditation, relaxation, rest, exercise and diet etc. as in the time of Asclepius of ancient Greece – the god of medicine. We also intent to effect a return to the concept of holistic medicine as it was in the time of Indian, Egyptian, Chinese, Greek and other ancient medicinal practices.

The times we live by, demands the maintenance of purity of mind, body and vital force (soul) and its healthy interaction with the Universe for a healthy, individual and social life. We endeavour to bring about this change in all spheres of social interaction.


Our mission is the complete cure of fatal diseases like Cancer, AIDS and so on by making the common man aware of Dynamic Science and ensures that the purity of body, mind and soul is maintained to enable a healthy living.
SGHHCC – Unique approach, Unique application

A disease like Cancer has already staggered the foundation of many therapeutic approaches. The biggest questions still remains unaddressed – What is Cancer? How does it develop? Can it be prevented? Is there a cure for Cancer?

At SGHHCC, we believe that the fundamental gesture towards complete cancer cure is nothing but the awareness about the disease. Knowing what cancer itself is acts as the most potent panacea for curing every sort of ailments which tag along with the disease. Only by getting at the root cause of the disease can one initiate the curing process.

Based out of the scientific hypotheses developed by Dr. Shaji Varghese Kudiyat, our concept of cancer-cure embraces everything proportionately.

How we treat Cancer?

Getting at the causes of cancer- we are commited to this cause at SGHHCC. Knowing the patient’s history, way of life, concepts and attitudes which guide the patients and their environment and also making the patient aware of these forms the heart of the DSA treatment. Harnessing the power of the body to heal itself by enhancing the energy levels, use of natural medicines and techniques like Yoga, meditation and counseling and churning out an ‘all new you’ from within – all these form the fundamentals of our treatment. We prescribe internal intake of medicines as well as other psycho-therapeutic aspects under the expert guidance of Dr. Shaji Varghese Kudiyat. Attending our group counselling sessions with experts who have decades-long experience in dealing with various types and facets of the disease can also help you prevent its occurrence.

Cancer – Cure is not the end-word

With us, complete cure is the stepping stone of a new life. We make sure that the patient leads a healthy, peaceful life post-cure. We conduct Counseling, yoga and other practices which raise your positive energy levels and wipe out the traces of its second occurrence.

Other services and facilities

Today, the common man is entangled in a mesh of dos and don’ts whenever it comes to health or cure. Right from ordering the second cup of coffee to planning your diet year long, there’s no specific answer though there are a lot of long-winded talks and claims in the sector. The DSA approach doesn’t restrict itself to cancer- cure. It extends to offer complete cure for all types of difficult diseases like non-communicable diseases, autoimmune diseases and life style disorders – Multiple sclerosis, SLE, Lupus, Psoriasis, Leucoderma, Arthritis, Diabetes etc.

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