Dynamic Science

Includes the following set of new hypotheses which explain many unexplained areas, facts and concepts. It is considered as complete hypotheses and science, suitable to study and make scientific researches among living organisms, as it scientifically explains in modern scientific perspective, the interrelationship between dynamic or energy components [mind and vital force (soul)] with the DNA which carries the genetic information and controls the physical make up and nature of physical functioning. It is a historically important landmark discovery and expected to develop a new scientific era in the history of mankind.

Dr. Shaji Kudiyat’s Hypotheses on Cancer Development

The power of entities like mind and the vital force on determining the redundant growth of cells has so far been overlooked. Contemporary medicine and existing methods of cure seat themselves on a materialistic view of the world and hence are incomplete. Needless to say, the method prescribed by an incomplete science would never provide a complete, total cure for this disease.

Cancer – Knowledge is cure.

The food you eat, the air you breathe, how happy or sad you are, the environment you live in – all or any of such aspects influence your recovery process. However, most of all, it is important that you understand how cancer develops to get rid of the deadly disease. Our system of cure seats itself on the hypotheses on cancer developed by Dr. Shaji Varghese Kudiyat, the founder of Dynamic Science. We prescribe internal intake of medicines as well as other psycho-therapeutic aspects under the expert guidance of Dr. Shaji Kudiyat. Attending the group counselling sessions conducted by experts who have decades-long experience in dealing with various types and facets of the disease can also help you prevent its occurrence.
For more details and expert management of your cancer (and other difficult diseases), make a one on one consultation with Dr. Shaji Varghese Kudiyat or arrange or attend one of his Seminars which will explain all about Cancer, its Causes, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.

Dynamic Science-A perspective apart.

Today known as the Science of New Generation and third millennium, Dynamic Science incorporates dynamic energy level entities like mind, vital force (soul) into the present day materialistic science thereby changing its perspective from a materialistic world view into a dynamic or spiritual philosophically driven one. By understanding the relationship of the body with dynamic energy level entities, this new science ventures to explain the hitherto baffling phenomena except the origin of the universe.
When such an approach gets applied to medicine and cure, Dynamic Science presents a strong critique of adhering to Modern Medicine alone primarily because modern medicine draws upon the materialistic view of Science. Only tangible and perceptible entities exist in its microscopic, narrow world of scrutiny. It goes without saying that it takes a complete science to prescribe a system of recovery or cure which is complete.

Dr. Shaji Kudiyat’s Hypotheses on Dynamic Science straddle the following

God, Man, Matter and Universe

Does God exist? How does God relate to entities like matter, mind and other aspects of the universe?
The Dynamic Science (DS) unveils an answer to this ages – long conundrum.

How does one’s DNA or RNA relate to the mind and the vital force?

A revelation which is all set to break new grounds in the history of science and research. Though the relationship between body, mind and soul was a concept which existed even in the ancient times, the nature of the relationship has never got scientifically explained till now. Dynamic Science opens up to offer a fool-proof description of the same.

Mutation and Epigenetics

An eye-opener to the cause, symptoms, occurrence and development of several diseases, especially cancer, these hypotheses explain the mechanism of mutations and epigenetic changes and also guides the curing process.

Cancer – Cause, Growth and Cure
A combined application of the above mentioned hypotheses, this provides an explicit, comprehensive answer to questions which have been baffling mankind-what is cancer, how does it develop and how can it be cured. Equipping oneself with this billion dollar information alone can act as one of the most potent prevention and cure for the disease. The hypotheses also explain why more women are afflicted with cancer particularly at the female specific organs like Breast, Uterus and Ovaries.

Growth, Death and Long – Life

An insightful hypothesis on aging, health, life and death – topics of perpetual debate ever since the origin of thinking!

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