Benefits of Kriyas

Kriyas are purification processes in Yoga

Kapalabati (stimulates the brain cells)

Benefits: Brain cells are revived, gives brightness to face, balances and strengthens the nervous system and removes drowsiness, massages the abdominal organs, benefits and cleanses respiratory tract, removes the spasm in bronchial tubes, carbon dioxide is eliminated on a large scale, purifies the blood and strengthens the heart, tones digestive system. Prepares mind for meditation.
Caution: Individuals with hypertension, ischemic heart disease, vertigo, epilepsy, hernia, gastric ulcer, slip disc, spondylosis, during menses and pregnant women should avoid.


Trataka (fixing the mind, Eye exercises)

Benefits: Activate tear glands purifies the visual system, promote good concentration strengthen will power, correct eye defects, balances nervous system, alleviate anxiety, depression and insomnia, nervousness and stimulates ajna chakra, clearing accumulated complexes, suppressed thoughts. It improves memory, helps to calm down your mind. Makes the eye clear, bright and radiant, increases the stamina of eye muscles.


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