Webinar on Homeopathy Based DSA Cancer Treatment – The Most Possible Cure in Reversible Cancer Cases (For Awareness and Guidance)


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Welcome to the webinar

Dr. Shaji Kudiyat, the founder of the new Dynamic Science and Dynamic Scientific Approach (DSA) reflects on the most commonly asked questions on cancer

How fearful is Cancer?                                                                                                    

Can Cancer be cured?

How to cure Cancer through DSA?homeopathy webinar

Who will be Benefited?

This webinar is a must for

  • Cancer Patients & Survivors

  • Relatives of Cancer Patients

  • Anyone who is fearful of cancer

  • Doctors and Nurses of all Systems of Medicine

  • Cancer Researchers

  • Health Care Workers

What you will Understand?

  • How Cancer Develops?
  • How, mind, vital force and DNA are interconnected in modern scientific perspective?
  • What are the Root Causes that Produce Cancer?
  • Is Cancer Really Curable?
  • Why Cancer is Still Remaining a Difficult and Dreadful Disease?

homeopathy for cancerThis webinar

  • Provides the most latest explanation on how cancer develops

  • Helps in the identification of the root causes that produce cancer

  • Enlightens you on how to prevent, treat and rehabilitate cancer patients

About Dr. Shaji Kudiyat

Dr. Shaji Vargese Kudiyat is a homeopathic doctor who has been extensively involved in cancer-research for more than two decades. He is the founder of the new Dynamic Science (DS) and the DS based Dynamic Scientific Approach (DSA) drawing upon which and effective cure to cancer could be actualized. He has also authored books on Homeopathy and is a limelight-speaker in several national and international conferences and seminars pertaining to cancer.

Join the webinar on July 23 2016  to clear your doubts and to find the best solution for cancer.
The webinar is FREE and it gives information that you will not get from anywhere else in the world. It is life transforming and historically important. The medium of communication will be in English.

Register early since Limited Availability of Spots. Mark your date and time zone. Never miss  this opportunity.

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