The Truth About CANCER

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Part – I

  1. All over the world today cancer is treated without understanding “how cancer develops.”
  2. The mainstream cancer treatment is just targeted to destruction or removal of the tumor associated with cancer, which is presented to the world as evidence based medicine.
  3. The destruction is mainly done through chemotherapy or radiation therapy and the removal is achieved through surgery.
  4. The problem of the present cancer treatment is that, even after all these procedures, cancer or tumor still recurs.
  5. This is because; tumor is not the real disease, but only the product of the disease. Even after the removal or destruction of the product, the real diseases still persists, which still bring out the product (tumor) again.
  6. The producers and proponents of such destructive medicines and treatments deceive or cheat the world telling that the removal or destruction of the tumor is the cure, which is not true.
  7. The real complete cure of the cancer becomes only possible, when we identify and rectify the root causes that produce the tumor, along with the removal of the tumor.

Part – II


  1. The inability of the modern or conventional medicine in completely understanding the cancer comes from the deficiency, inadequacy or limitation of the present day science – which is the material philosophy based science.
  2. Material science considers only physical parameters in conducting research studies.
  3. Physical body alone is not completely representing the living phenomenon.
  4. Living phenomenon also involves the energy or dynamic components like mind and vital force (soul), which also plays crucial roles in the creation and maintenance of the living phenomenon.
  5. These energy level entities are observed in the ICU’s of all high tech hospitals all over the world in the form of waves in the monitors to decide whether the patient is alive or dead.
  6. But the present day science and medical science never incorporate these dynamic entities into scientific consideration in understanding the living phenomenon completely or the role these dynamic entities play in the maintenance of health or in the development disease or in the curative management of diseases. This is an important “missing link” in the scientific research studies and treatment system at present.
  7. So any research studies we conduct using the physical parameters alone, without incorporating the role, influence, impact and involvement of the dynamic components – mind and vital force – in the creation and maintenance of the living phenomenon, will never give complete conclusions and any solutions (treatment) we design based on such incomplete conclusions will never give complete solutions also. This is the problem with the present day treatment system and it is high time to further the science especially medical science by incorporating the dynamic components into scientific consideration for conducting researches for finding complete conclusions for designing complete solutions.

Part – III


  1. It is painful to know that the multinational drug manufacturing companies hold the world at their control by lobbying and even legally prohibiting people in many countries like US, Australia, Singapore, etc. from taking advantage of the holistic approaches and medicines for the benefit cancer though they silently knows and admits that destruction or removal of the tumor alone will not cure cancer.
  2. So it is time for the world in realizing these truths and working together for the benefit and advantage of the human beings keeping the ego, ignorance and greed aside.
  3. DYNAMIC SCIENCE is a new set of scientific hypotheses which explains how mind, vital force and DNA are interconnected and Dynamic Scientific Approach (DSA) is a new methodology for the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of the chronic diseases, especially cancer, based on the hypotheses of Dynamic Science, which incorporates all natural medicines, methods and techniques along with judicious application of surgery, in understanding, explaining and treating all types of difficult diseases and cancer, if the diseases are not complicated through wrong treatments or had progressed beyond reversible limits (spread to different organs and systems).
  4. The most important advantage of DSA methodology is in the identification and rectification of the root causes that produce the disease or cancer.
  5. Clinical observations made through DSA methodology and its logical interpretation done using the hypotheses of Dynamic Science reveals that our genetic makeup, encoded in our genes and DNA as per the current scientific understanding are regulated with finality by our own mental and emotional thoughts that we allow to develop and maintain in our mind, along with influence from energy environment around us and also by the influence and impact from the physical environment in the form of healthy or unhealthy nutrients, bio-chemical reactions, etc.
  6. But unfortunately the present material scientific world do not look into the dynamic or energy level causes, which have more impact, influence and involvement in the regulation of our genetic makeup and never rectify it, which the suffering patients are unaware of, leading to its persistence and further leading to more sufferings and recurrences of the disease. In some rare occasions, these energy level causes automatically get corrected after the development of the diseases, without the conscious effort or knowledge of the patient by turning into spirituality or due the modifications in the misunderstandings in the relationships or modifications in the mental emotional state and thinking, along with turning into the use and applications of natural holistic medicines, methods and techniques, which modify the genetic makeup and such patients survive the crisis, get cured and slowly get out of the unnatural crude chemical impact of the wrong treatments.
  7. So what we need today is a paradigm shift in the scientific thinking and understanding from a materialistic scientific perspective to a dynamic / energy / spiritual scientific perspective for better and complete understanding of the living phenomenon to design better and complete solutions for the living organisms especially human beings. Now we are blindly following the material philosophy based science without understanding that it is good only for technological developments and not good for studying or understanding the science of living organisms. So we fail and suffer more.
  8. Introduction of Dynamic Science is an important landmark in this regard which help in explaining and understanding how the dynamic components (mind and vital force) are connected to the DNA and also explains how this relationship helps in the maintenance of health, leads to the development of diseases and also how the same relationship can be utilized for the prevention, treatment and complete cure of the diseases.
  9. Dynamic Science more clearly explains how chronic diseases and cancer develops, how DNA regulation takes place, what is health, what is acting curative in homeopathic medicines, how homeopathic medicines work, how spiritual healing takes place and many other facts which present day material science failed to explain so far.


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