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Our Founder Dr. Shaji Varghese Kudiyat gives Seminars, Lectures and Study Classes on various topics in convenient places anywhere in the world. Seminars in Dynamic Science; DSA Treatment; Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation of Cancer; Medicine and Spirituality; etc. are unique, timely and historically interesting topics. You can arrange or attend these seminars in your respective country or place. We organise webinars through online video streaming. Listening to Dr. Kudiyat’s inspiring and motivational words of wisdom is a lifetime achievement and remembrance. It will also be an exciting and soul nourishing experience, blessing and turning point in your life.
We are looking for event managers for different countries and places. Interested parties may please contact us with Bio-data including proof of experience and organizational capabilities.


1. Dynamic Science

This seminar explains about the new Science introduced by Dr. Shaji Varghese Kudiyat, which explains so many unexplained scientific phenomena and helps us understand the universe; how cancer develops; how mutation takes place; how mind, vital force and DNA are interconnected; how homeopathic medicines work; what is spirituality; how spiritual healing takes place; etc. The invention of this Science is an important landmark achievement in the transformation of scientific world and humanity from a Materialistic Philosophic Perspective to a Dynamic Philosophical Perspective. Listen and understand the words of wisdom about the new science direct from the mouth of the authority of this invention.

2. A New Philosophy of Preventing, Treating & Rehabilitating Cancer

It is a cancer prevention, treatment and rehabilitation seminar. It explains how cancer develops and thus helps us understand how we can prevent and manage it.

It also explains why more women are afflicted with cancer particularly at the female specific organs like Breast, Uterus and Ovaries.

Knowledge is cure. So the new dimensions of knowledge will enlighten us and set us free from sufferings by identifying and rectifying the root causes of cancer. This seminar also empowers us with self guidance to identify the right path during the toughest crises in life after diagnosing with cancer.

3. Medicine and Spirituality

It defines and explains what is spirituality, how spiritual healing takes place, what should be the real medicine, how material and dynamic medicines function, what is the roll of material and dynamic medicines, etc. It also narrates about the history of medicine from olden days.

4. Advantages of Homeopathic Medicine

Homeopathic Medicine is the only Dynamic, Energy or Spiritual Medicine in the Medical world. So it has an important role to play in the era of the Dynamic Science.

This seminar explains the advantages of this medicine including its limitations. It also explains how these medicines become dynamically capable of acting curatively through the process of Potentisation or Drug Dynamisation – a unique way of Homeopathic Medicine preparation.

5. The Proper Way of Treating Infection / Fever

Fever is a protective mechanism of the body or a symptom when the body is inflicted with an infection. At present wrong fever management takes place with fever suppressing medicines which produce disastrous after effects. This seminar explains how fever develops, what happens when we suppress fever, advantages and disadvantages of fever, how to manage fever, etc. A very important seminar for both doctors and common man.

6. Pre and Post Marriage Guidance Seminar and Counseling

Family is the basic unit of the civilized human existence. Problems within the family are mostly the root causes of so many health problems of the family members. So understanding the causes, reasons and problems of the present day families is an important need of the hour as a preparation before entering into marital life and also to those who had already entered into family life without any prior preparation. This will be a scientifically oriented seminar and counseling excellent for all classes and levels of people irrespective of religion, nationality, race, caste, etc. which look into the realities of the today’s families. It helps us understand the reasons behind the disordered and destructed families of today starting from west to east causing agony and disaster to the respective family members especially to children, society, the respective countries and to the whole world. It also motivates us to understand the need to create a family oriented world. A must attend seminar which will definitely produce good results.

7. Motivational and Value Oriented Seminars

This seminar is useful for students; teachers; social workers; professionals; leaders of politics, religion, organizations, etc. It helps in developing the right mental set up for the fulfilment of your missions and visions naturally suitable for you whoever, whatever and wherever you are.

8. Sports Seminars and Counseling to Students and Sports People (Sports Officials, Coaches, Athletes, Players, Sports Journalists, etc.)

This seminar helps in the development and maintenance of higher motivations and insights for the fulfilment of targets in the life and career as an official, coach, sports person or team. It results in higher performances and achievements and act as a natural ergogenic-aid.

9. Employee Orientation Seminars

This is actually an employer-employee motivation seminar. It inspires employees to dedicate their mind, body and soul while working with any employer who is having the employees for the benefit of the employer, society at large and the world as a whole. It will be of great beneficial to the employer, employee, society and humanity in general whoever, whatever and wherever you are.


Topic: “DYNAMIC SCIENCE” – The New Science to Understand, Prevent and Manage cancer
By: Dr. Shaji V. Kudiyat, Chief Physician and Researcher, St. George Cancer care and Research Center

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