DYNAMIC SCIENCE – The New Generation Science

image_02Dr. Shaji Varghese Kudiyat, B.Sc., B.H.M.S., MD (Hom), PGDY

Chief Physician & Researcher

St. George Holistic Health Care Center, Bengaluru, India.

Chief Researcher, St. George Homeopathic Research and Development Center, Inc., Las Pinas City, Metro Manila, Philippines.



We are living in an era, where we analyze everything on scientific basis, but the science fails to understand and explain so many things happening around us. This leads to very difficult situations like – so many things are declared unexplainable, many diseases are declared incurable, humanity is suffering more and wrong philosophy is being introduced by exploitative people with incomplete understanding which lead to more destruction of health, families, society, environment and humanity at large, even leading to the development of most incurable type of diseases. When we look at it from a broad view, we can see that the present science actually base itself in material philosophy and only things which can be seen, measured and tangible are considered as scientific entities. In reality the material philosophy based science is suitable only to have technological developments and is not at all suitable to study living organisms. This is because, living organisms contain, energy level entities like mind and vital force (soul) which are not visible, tangible and unable to be measured so far. But it is universally observable that mind have immense influence over the physical functioning of the body and this phenomenon of how the mental thoughts influence the physical body is not yet understood by the science. This is an important missing link and a neglected area where science need furtherance in its hypothetical and theoretical level. All these demands furtherance of science to understand, study and explain things on functioning of the living organisms, especially on the study of the functioning of human beings, with clarity and rationality. Introduction of DYNAMIC SCIENCE as the new generation science is a timely necessity and the need of the hour. Dynamic Science (DS) scientifically explain hitherto unexplained questions like – how mind, vital force (soul) and DNA are interconnected; how mutations and epigenetic changes take place; how DNA regulation takes place; how cancer develops; how homeopathic medicines work; what is acting curatively in homeopathic medicine; how holistic medicines work; what is spirituality; how spiritual healing takes place; etc.


Science is the study of the “Nature” and the behaviors of the nature. Science helps us understand “why” and “how” things happen around us. If anything happening around us is not well explained by science, it indicates the deficiencies, limitations and inadequacies or simply the incompleteness of the science. It is the duty of all responsible human beings to do everything possible to further the science to a more complete level, whereby science will be able to explain things happening around us in the Universe.


“Dynamic Science” is the product of a curious enquiry made to identify the limitations of the present material science and the scientific efforts taken to rectify those limitations. Dynamic Science helps us scientifically understand the functioning relationship between mind, vital force (soul) and the DNA that decides or determines the nature, peculiarities in the function of the physical body including the bio-chemical reactions, protein synthesis, rate of multiplication of the cells, etc. So, “Dynamic Science” helps us understand the functioning of the living organism in the holistic or totalistic perspective, with clarity and rationality.


We need Dynamic Science to understand the science of life or the living phenomena in its holistic totality which will enable science to define health, disease development and design disease prevention, treatment and rehabilitation in a complete holistic manner, which is the true scientific totalistic approach. Dynamic Science gives a holistic scientific understanding about the living phenomena by scientifically understanding and explaining how the dynamic components – mind and vital force (soul) are interconnected with the physical body through DNA.