DSA Treatment for Stomach Cancer - A New Beginning

Stomach cancer, occurs when the cells lining the stomach are affected by tumours. The nature of these are usually determined by the area affected. Although the common causes of this disorder are said to be the presence of gastric ulcers, chronic anaemia, chronic gastritis and so on, researchers have found a link between epigenetic changes or mutations at genetic level and cancer. This is where the importance of Dynamic Science Approach or DSA treatment of stomach cancer arises.

Dynamic science identifies negative emotional states like tension, anxiety and worry. Irregularities in food intake and intake of highly acidic food plays a major role in the development of stomach cancer. A negative mental approach is said to influence or derange the DNA leading it to an unhealthy plane. The ongoing researches in the field of Dynamic Science Approach is expected to shed new light on the disease and its cures creating more effective treatment options.

DSA treatment of stomach cancer involves an incorporation of dynamic and natural homeopathic medicines, prudent application of surgeries, counselling to help bring about a positive mindset, inner healing techniques involving meditation, yoga, musical therapy and the sort. These are known to revitalize the body, soul and mind. The DSA treatment of stomach cancer is initiated only after a counselling where the family and the patient are made aware of the concepts and techniques used

Under the guidance of Dr. Shaji. V. Kudiyat, St. George Holistic Care Centre, Bengaluru, India offers holistic treatment for a variety of lifestyle disorders and cancer. Taking a deviation from the usual materialistic treatment methodologies, the centre uses Dynamic Science Approach (DSA), incorporating the power of entities like mind and soul to cure these disorders. With a comprehensive methodology, DSA treatment of stomach cancer and other forms of it are said to cure the disorder from its roots. The ideology that the cure for every disorder is present within ourselves is followed here.

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