Homeopathic Treatment For Breast Cancer

Breast cancer can be defined as the abnormal growth of cells in breast. These abnormal cell growth eventually forms tumor and is observed as lump in the breast. These are clearly observed in X-ray. If these cells grow vigorously and spread to other parts of the body then they are cancerous. Breast cancer is common in women but males can also get this disorder.


Breast cancer can be again divided into two. If this abnormal cell growth starts in lobules then it is called lobular carcinoma and if it starts in milk duct then they are known as ductal carcinoma.

Causes of Breast Cancer:

The real factor that causes one’s breast cancer is still not found. But there are many factors that may put you at the risk of breast cancer. They are;

  • Getting aged – 80% of females with breast cancer are above the age of 50 (after their menopause)
  • Genetical factors – If you have someone in your family with the problem you may also have the risk f getting the same but majority of breast cancer cases are not hereditary
  • History of breast cancer – If you already have a history of breast cancer then you may have the increased risk of getting it again.
  • Having certain types of breast lumps – People with unusual lumps on breast might be at a risk of getting breast cancer.
  • Earlier entry to menopause – Ladies who started their periods earlier or entered menopause can get a risk of the disorder
  • Obesity – Women with overweight postmenopausal are at the risk
  • Height – Women taller than usual gets the disease and experts are unaware of the reason
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Exposure to radiation like X-ray and CT scan
  • HRT(Hormone Replacement Therapy) – Combined HRT increases the risk of breast cancer
  • Certain jobs – Women who work at night prior to their first pregnancy have a chance of getting the disorder

Symptoms for Breast Cancer:

There are several symptoms that are seen on one’s breast which may indicate you the signs of breast cancer.

  • Swelling on the breast
  • Severe pain on the breast
  • Colour or temperature change of the breast
  • Marble like feeling beneath the skin of breast
  • Nipples getting retraction, dimpling, itching etc.
  • Unusual clear discharge from the breast
  • Noticeable flattening on the breast

Treatment for Breast Cancer:

There are several different approaches and treatment philosophies for using homeopathy to treat an individual’s suffering from breast cancer. Often practitioners make use of a combination of these approaches. Treatment is offered to an individual depending upon the type of breast cancer, stage and grade of cancer, whether cancer cells are sensitive to hormones, patient’s overall health and patient’s preference.

Prevention steps of Breast Cancer:

No doctors can promise you the complete prevention of breast cancer but keeping your health maintained at a good level with required exercise and healthy diet will keep you away from the risk of breast cancer.

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